2016 - 50th Reunion


Cedar Rapids Jefferson Pictures

Car Was Fall 1965

Smity's Standard 6th Street & 16th Ave SW

R to L: Pat Kelly, Diane Ferreter, old guy, Lynn Lawrence, Linda Hemminger, Theresa Schade, Becky Dewald

1965-1966 Gymnastics Team

2nd Row: Coach Gary Williams, Jim Forcht, Mike Hyles, Lynn Davies, Dennis Weidemann, Barry Sweet, Ron Clements

1st Row: Dave Nemecek, Bruce Nemecek, Terry Aubrecht, Bill Biederman

Mickey Freymuller & John Schriner

Marine Corps - Da Nang Vietnam 1968

Mickey Freymuller & John Schriner

Teripan Springs, Florida 1997

SR Prom 1966

Linda Hemminger & Theresa Schade

SR Prom 1966

Tim Brandon & Theresa Schade

Philmont Scout Ranch 1964

Mickey Freymuller (front center)

Mr Pink (standing right in black shorts and shirt)

No your not #1!

Gar McCormick & Jon Kime

The old marine still can wear hs uniform

John Schriner wears his marine uniform at age 42

Camp Waubeek 1964

Dwight Hughes

Jefferson Track Letterman 1966

Jim Pruviance, Ted Knutson Burns, Bod Kohl, Jon Meskimen

Pam Koepping Nye


Craig Struve 2006

Dwight Hughes 2005

Leroy Ague & Toni Dingle Ague
Dick Miller
Jackie Riley Witham
American Heritage Class Trip - Washington D.C. April 1965
3rd Row: Mr Eoff, Dean Reifenstahl, Tim Stewart, Steve Vosatka, John Ransom, Sam Miller, Keith Andrews, Steve Vosatka, Mr John Weld
2nd Row: Dan Mineck, Jeff Witt, Larry Miller, Pam Karasek, Rose Mary Erusha, Pat Conrad, ???, ???, Debbie Gibson, Gary Metelak, Mike Shahan, John Ransom,
1st Row: Carol Potter, Linda Thompson, Becky DeWald, Mary Barber, Diane Ferreter, Judy Erger, Pam Pealer, ???, Kathy Kroymann, Jaren Evers, Loura Mottinger, Renee Cortez, Pat Veddar
Jim & Barb Henecke Staggall
Roger & daughter Mandy Labarge

Roger Labarge

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Lynda Duffy

Member of "The Tones"

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