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JHawk Class Memories

St Patrick Elementary

510 1st Avenue NW Cedar Rapids

St Patrick's School 1909 ..................... St Patrick's School 1929

History St Patrick Elementary

St. Patrick School, established in 1893, was located in a well established neighborhood on the Northwest side of Cedar Rapids. It was located just behind St. Patrick Catholic Church at 510 1st Ave NW. In October 189, as soon as the new stone church could be used for Mass, the original wood frame St Patrick's church was moved from 2nd Avenue and seventh Street SW behind the new church.

On March 13, 1929, ground was broken for the new present day school. The 1929 - 1930 was the first class in the new school. Construction was completed in eight months. In early 1960's there were 1200 K-12 students. St. patrick's was the largest parochial school in Iowa and busting at the seams.

In Mat of 1962, 400 students bade farewell to St. Patrick's to become pioneer students as St Jude's. During this period many students enrolled at Roosevelt Junior High School and went on to be part of the Class of 1966 at Jefferson.

St Patrick's School 1951 ..................... St. Patrick's School Ariel View

Sisters of Cherity B.V.M. that taught at St. Patrick's from 1952 to 1963

Sister Leonella Roche 1942-1966

Sister Martinian Dunwald 1945-1961

Sister Eleen Clare Rinne 1946-1954

Sister Christiana Connor 1947-1954

Sister Carmelette Kennedy 1947-1955

Sister Margretona Troy 1948-1954

Sister Danielle Doran 1949-1954

Sister Ellen Francis Williams 1950-1953

Sister Ann Phebus 1951-1955

Sister Norena Kealy 1951-1958

Sister Justine Sheil 1952-1953

Sister Virginia Gorsche 1952-1953

Sister Catherine Kripper 1952-1958

Sister Anna Marie Gerink 1952-1961

Sister Carol Graser 1953-1953

Sister Cassian Walsh 1953-1954

Sister Rita Benz 1953-1955

Sister Ann Michele Shay 1953-1959

Sister Mary Veronica Fitz Maurice 1954-1955

Sister Lucille Kremenak 1954-1955

Sister Mary Agnes Flynn 1954-1957

Sister Alice Kerrigan 1954-1959

Sister Abrosia McKinney 1954-1961

Sister Francis Endovina 1954-1963

Sister Muriel Robertson 1955-1956

Sister Leona Marie Jacobsen 1955-1957

Sister Elizabeth Pleas 1955-1958

Sister Susanne Dessert 1956-1958

Sister Margaret Theresa McCarthy 1956-1961

Sister Mamerta Hall 1956-1961

Sister Gail Harrington 1956-1961

Sister Ursula Marie Driscoll 1957-1959

Sister Eva Marie Gillman 1957-1961

Sister Meneve Dunham 1957-1961

Sister Ruthella White 1957-1962

Sister Alice Ann Lane 1957-1963

Sister Genevieve Kordick 1957-1961

Sister Corona Horan 1958-1959

Sister Janet Schewe 1958-1963

Sister Mildred Kalitzky 1958-1961

Sister Edna Mae Knutsen 1959-1964

Sister Adorinus McGuire 1930-1961

Sister Charmaine LeMaire 1961-1963

Sister Edissa Mary Szczepanski 1961-1962

Sister Maruerita Spearin 1961-1952

Sister Veronica Grennan 1961-1963

Sister Helen Wolkerstorfer 1961-1963

Sister Clarice Hannaher 1961-1963

Sister Consolina Barry 1961-1963

Sister Margaret Fieweger 1961-1963

Sister Georgeann Sieb 1961-1963

Sister Kathryn Lawor 1962-1963

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