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Updated: Monday, October 31, 2005

50th Class Reunion

So you think you know your classmates?

Reunion Homecoming Queen Candidate

I have been sent a recent picture of one of our classmates (Mikie Riley) his wife thought we should share it with all of you and submit him for he Reunion Homecoming Queen competition.

WE have a big decision to make as a class. It seems we have at least one candidate for the 40th Class Reunion Homecoming Queen competition. Please give this some serious thought. We seem to have at least one candidate and I am submitting it to you for your consideration.

Please, think before you vote, as we MUST live with this decision and remember you can vote as many times as you want!

He has coached many young men to State Championships over 35 years in Ft. Madison.


Candidate #1 Mike Riley (see photo) Please note that teaching high school kids for 35 years seems to have taken a bit of a toll on him. He has selected a very nice dress but seems to need some pointers on makeup! And the hair is, well, it could be better. But in his defense, Mike loves the socialize and make new friends. (Not too sure we want to know them) But he is friendly and SHY is not in his vocabulary. Remember, now he is married so he can't go on any dates!

( Vote here: jhawk66@mchsi.com) for Mikie.

Fireman takes a hike

A member of the swim team, and track, a quiet classmate, He served in the army and Vietnam.

He has spent his life around water. Which can't be said about finding a ride. What classmate went on to career as a fireman here in Cedar Rapids and has now retired? Hint: He is the only fireman to ever walk back to the firehouse after a fire?


The 101

He played in the band, is an Eagle Scout. He was a quiet young man in high school. After graduating from Iowa State, he went into the Army. After serving there he bought 101 acres of land west of General Mills. The 101 as it was named has become the most sucessfull small nursery in America. From raw farm land to world Icon in his industry.

This classmate has been honored many times for his work in his career. He is a member of the Jefferson High School Hall of Fame. In 1981 was selected as Outstanding Alumni of Iowa State University and was inducted to the ANLA National Hall of Fame in 2002. This year he was honored by the National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America with the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award for his career. This award has been given to less than 1400 Eagle Scouts over 95 years.


Call her Doc

This class mate was very active in our class. Active in Student Council, Doll-Fin-Ettes, Venture, Statesman, Future Nurses Association and Student Boosters. I guess the nursing thing never worked out. This J-Hawk cheerleader has gone on to become a elementary teacher and principle. She has even earn her Doctorate Degree in Education from the University of Iowa. She is one of our classmates that is now a Doctor.


Stuck in the same room

He sang in Concert Choir, played in the orchestra, Football, Basketball, and baseball. What J-Hawk class member started teaching the 5th grade 35 years ago. And until this year had taught every year in the same classroom for 35 years? He has sung a pretty good tune in the class room for 35 years. This J-Hawk is married to a Washington Warrior. or is it Warriorette?


Its all in your head

She was a Doll-Fin-ette, helped with Venture and the Outlook. She was involved with GRA and the Student Bookstore. This classmate calls California home now. She has become and Advanced Practice Nurse (CNS) with a specialty in Neurology. She is involved in research and teaching faculty at UCLA.


Badge of Honor

During the Vietnam war, this classmate distinguished himself in combat. He was a quiet kid, but when his country called him to war, he was awarded the Silver Star, (2) Army Commendations, The Vietnam Gallantry Cross and (2) Purple Hearts serving in the Army. He is the fourth of five generations to serve the United States in War.


It takes Baseballs to Retire?

He excelled in the classroom and was a member of the Honor Society. This classmate enjoyed Thespians, Concert choir and Youth for Christ. He was in the the production of 12th Night. He was Wang Ta in "Flower Drum Song"

Baseball is his passion! Math was his profession. This classmate taught in the classrooms of Jefferson until retirement in 2003. His retirement goal is to see a Major League Baseball game in every stadium in the major league. He is half way to his goal. He also still sings as a member of a Barber Shop Quartet.


Hey Mate

She was a Thespian and office helper. The guys found this classmate cute, but quiet. She was a nice gal and was always polite and some what shy. Her father met her mother after WWII on a stop in Austrailia on his way home from fighting in the South Pacific. They married and moved to Cedar Rapids and raised the family here. After graduation she and her family moved to Australia, the home of her mother. She has spend her life there.


The Doctor is On The Air

Another Eagle Scout, Band member and was involved in Student Council.

As a young man he worked for KWWL while attending Iowa State University. during this time her developed a passion for radio production. Upon graduating from ISU he moved to San Francisco to follow his career. He has worked as part of the "Dr. Dean Adell" nationally syndicated radio show since it premiered. He is now the producer of this show.


Education, Books, & Music

She started out in Quill & Scroll, orchestra, Venture, and choir. She became an elementary school teacher and author of children's books. This classmate has been featured in the Cedar Rapids Gazette several times. And has been one of Cedar Rapids most effective teachers. She married the quarterback and is a fixture in the teaching of piano here in CR.


A Short Week

She was and is "THE Munchkin" of the class. She always had the biggest smile and kind word. And she could kick any butt in the class. Terry Kimme was a lucky kid. If they would have had girls wrestling in those days, she would have cleaned his clock. This classmate has spent her career working in the Linn County Court House - Small Claims. She is so dedicated that one time she got up dressed and ready for work, and was mystified that they didn't open the court house on Saturdays.


The Hands

This guy had the nickname "The Hands" in high school. It is unclear if that came as a result of his ability to catch a football or if it came from the girls of the class. He went on to play football for the Army and became a high school teacher. He was head baseball coach for West Branch High School for 25 years. One of his career highlights was his team beat his high school Jefferson baseball coach Vern Bredeson. he has been a high school principle and is currently the Head Baseball coach for Cedar Rapids Prairie High School.


It's in the Numbers

She was a member of the National Honor Society, the Jefferson Band and Orchestra. Her career took her to a path in teaching where she teaches math at Kennedy High School here in Cedar Rapids. It's now wonder I didn't get this one right, I couldn't spell math.


Lighting up a Good Cigar

She was a Doll-Fin-Ettes, Future Teachers Association, and an active, Girls Choir, and Orchestra. She married the J-Hawk football fullback and went on to teach Art in the Iowa City School district. As a young Doll-Fin-Ette she enjoyed smoking Cigars under the Jefferson swimming pool bleachers.


Is this the Party to whom I am talking?

FHA and DECA were the things she was interested in back years ago. Well besides a wrestler that was two years older then us. I always wondered who was teaching him all those new holds.

She was a lucky young gal. She lived close enough to Jefferson, that she could sleep right up to the opening bell. She slipped into school at the very last moment everyday. She married an OLDER MAN (Yes that wrestler guy! He was a J-Hawk wrestler 2 years older then us and he went on to wrestle for the University Iowa. Makes you wonder who won that match between her and her Hubby? She Her hubby and Jon Neighbor worked their entire career at Qwest here in CR.


The Brains gets the girls, not the Jocks

He Vice President of Student Council, Salutatorian, and a member of the Golf team. He was a key member of "PI", that secret club that everyone knew about. He graduated from the University of Iowa School of Pharmacy married Cathy Walsh and they moved to California. He was named Director of Pharmacy at age 37 and held that position till a couple years ago. He taught at the local Community College for years. His son was the Quarterback for Minnesota State University in 2003.


A Ride in The Park

He started talking at Lincoln Elementary and there hasn't been a moment of silence since. Known as one of THE "CLASS CHARACTERS". He hasn't lost his touch over the years. This J hawk and his wife of 35 years had three J hawks of their own. All three of their J-hawks were Jefferson valedictorians!!!! Kelly, Best thespian and 1994 graduate and valedictorian , Clay, An Eagle
Scout and valedictorian class of 2000 and Teresa, President, Band of Blue, and many other honors, class of 2003. Not bad for a guy who was genuinely
surprised when they had a diploma for him in June of 66.

He now heads up the Cedar Rapids parks as Supervisor of Parks. He use to always be found hanging out at the parks and just never left.

What was it about those kids from Lincoln?


What does he know about Basketball?

He was on the staff of the Outlook, baseball, and Quill and Scroll. He was another of our classmates to become a teacher. He has taught for many years in Wisconsin and has been an exceptional basketball coach. Winning Wisconsin State Championships. His teams are always a power house in the state of Wisconsin. He never played basketball in high school.







Forest Gump

He wasn't listed in any activities in high school. But he was well known for his bravado. He was going to go out for football as a sophomore but discovered girls and cars and pursued them both with vengeance for three years. He became a Marine and wounded twice in Vietnam and was highly decorated. Well once he was shot in the ass! I can't tell you, if it was in Nam or high school. He has built an extremely successful peanut vending business in Florida. Starting it in his kitchen, his products now can be found in 103 NCAA football Stadiums the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBS, The Super Bowl, World Series and more. He can sell " Ice to Eskimos." But I think the girls in our class knew that!


The Duchess of Scuttlebutt

She was always the one we went to to find out the lastest news. She seems to have a direct pipeline to what is going on in the class and around town. she has been friends with the same six Wilson girls (THE SIX PACK) all her life. In school, she was in Doll-Finn-Ettes, Girls Choir, and BFLA. These days she is a state leader in the Celiac Association and has worked to educate Iowa for many years. But to her close friends it is her Smile, Friendship and characteristic laughter she is know as the Duchess of Scuttlebutt.



Tennis Anyone !!

He was on the baseball team for three years and ran Cross Country.

The Doctor told him after a car accident that his right leg was crippled, at best he would have a slight limp the rest of life. His date to the Senior Prom inform him a week before the Prom that he was not tall enough. She went with a tennis player.

Since graduating, he has lived around the world and competed in sports activities playing baseball (not softball) on national teams in the Caribbean and in the U.S. and is still active. He has run many Marathons 26.2 miles and Ultra Marathons 40+ miles. For folks who say "life passes quickly", he says "not in an Ultra". He
has been one of the very top leaders for Sears/Kmart for many years. Since graduating he has not grown tall enough to be accepted to that Senior Prom.

He is Director of Merchandise Carribbean Region Sears
Holdings Company, an Iowa Hawkeye alumni, and says he is still a "NERD."

He Said; I have found out that the "Measure of a person is not their height, but their depth."

Tennis Anyone !!


He was only in Band as a sophomore! Little did we know where this J-Hawk would fly. He flew west to California after graduation. And took a path not well traveled. He becaome a Professional Wrestler (Hog Reed) for 13 years from 1973 to 1986.




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