2016 - 50th Reunion


50th Class Reunion

Homecoming Queen Contest

It became Clear that our class has changed a great deal over the years. It is in that spirit that we have opened the nominations for THE 40TH CLASS REUNION HOMCOMING QUEEN. We loved Debbie Gibson as our first Queen, but times have changed and half of our class was neither considered NOR eligible for this honor. Thus we present the candidates for your consideration and Vote.
Reunion Homecoming Queen Candidate

I have been sent a recent picture of one of our classmates (Mikie Riley) his wife thought we should share it with all of you and submit him for he Reunion Homecoming Queen competition.

WE have a big decision to make as a class. It seems we have at least one candidate for the 40th Class Reunion Homecoming Queen competition. Please give this some serious thought. We seem to have at least one candidate and I am submitting it to you for your consideration.

Please think before you vote as we MUST live with this decision and remember you can vote as many times as you want!

He has coached many young men to State Wrestling Championships for 35 years in Ft. Madison.

Candidate #1 Mike Riley (see photo left) Please note that teaching high school kids for 35 years seems to have taken a bit of a toll on him. He has selected a very nice Dress but seems to need some pointers on makeup! And the hair is, well, it could be better. But in his defense, Mike loves the socialize and make new friends. (Not too sure we want to know them) But he is friendly and SHY is not in his vocabulary. Remember now he is married so he can't go on any dates! You can send your sympathies to DeAnn Riley.

As you can see in the Photo on the left there is a pattern here. Mike is pictured in this photo from October 1959 at the holloween party at Hoover school wearing a dress. Seems mike has been practicing up for the run at homecoming queen for some time.

The Reunion Committee will refrain from commenting upon whether Mike has gotten any prettier with age and a new dress. Thanks to John McMillen for bring this to the attention of the Committee.

( Vote here: jhawk66@mchsi.com) for Mikie.

Classmates Votes and Comments

I think 35 years of teaching has finally gotten to Mike Riley!! Thought the class might enjoy this one...Deanna Riley

Nice pic, Mike. You've got my vote. :-) ........Tom Blevins

Well, it's not the best picture I've ever seen of Mike but the dress does do something for him. You're right about the make-up though, he could use a few pointers on the fine art of application. I suppose if he is our only choice he'd get my vote but I hope to God that others apply. LOL You guys are doing a great job on the reunion and I for one want to thank you and your committees for all of your fine efforts. Looking forward to this reunion more than any other................Rod Rainbolt

I think Mike looks lovely and should be elected queen. I loved his dress........ Sharon and Ted Knutson

I was wondering if Mike's dress was the property of Monica Lewinski, the shadows are covering the stains......Mark Wiltsey

He has my vote.............. Judy Keiholtz Holub

He gets my "YES" vote. Keeps things on the FUN side! Doesn't appear he would mind. On the other hand, since we have some time, maybe we should see if this pic brings out any more between now and the first of the year............. Lynette Baker Lubbock

Yes, for Mikie, looks like a very friendly person to represent us..........Betty Harris Whitmore

THATS a great pic - cant hardly tell its Mike...... Ed Kempf

Mike Riley and his willingness to have his picture sent out makes the event fun for folks....... Tom Prochaska

After viewing Mikie's Homecoming Queen picture, it scares me as he probably looks better in that dress than I would. He is too much competition for me.I am really looking forward to the class reunion in June. This will be a first for me.........Love, Kay Lynn Dytrt Frankowski

Mike has my vote, I'm voting a ZILLION TIMES for Mikie, that should seal the deal.... Randy Jomes


I think at this point I'd have to stick with Debbie Gibson. I sure hope Mike's current choice of attire isn't the result of some of the trouble we got into as kids.Like the time we swiped some cigars down at the Sunmart (3rd Ave & Rockford Rd). It was a cold,windy & snowy winter day.We lit up as walked home.There used to be a ditch below the south parking lot behind the ballparks.As we walked along trying to smoke as best we knew how Mike passed out and rolled down into the ditch. I don't remember how I got him out of it or how long it took.Only that that ditch wall was mighty steep. We managed to get a block from MIke's house & he could go no further.I laid him in a snow drift behind a neighbor's house & went to get his mother. I have a tendency to block out highly traumatic experiences. I don't recall what happened next.But I do seem to recall that Mike was home sick for a few days.

I don't know if the experience I just described,with the effects of oxygen deprevation,foriegn substances in the blood & hyperthermia has anything to do with Mike's current wardrobe decisions,or if it's just a life choice as they say.Hmm. Thanks, Scott Bascom

P.S. Mike, Hope to see you next summer! (WEBMASTERS NOTE) HUM... NOW I'M WONDERING ABOUT SCOTT! :)

THANKS!! I didn't realize that Deanna had sent you the picture of good old Queenie Mike on our (Ft. Madison's) Homecoming. They talked me into riding through the parade like that.Anyway, thanks for sending all of our classmates that picture. I'm sure I'll take even more crap (shit) from them than I did from my students. Have a crappy day! Mike Riley

The Blue Bare Bear Campaign

We are geeting so very, very, close. Do not forget to VOTE!! Smokers can vote for me in vast droves, and often, and alot, "VOTE WITH YOUR BUTTS"
love, BBB
See you at the reunion
"Roaming Gnomes" here,...escaping the evil clutches of the enchanted forest's Reunion 66 monster. Where did he come from? Good grief. All he mumbles is something about 'voting for Blue Bare Bear', or whatever. And look, he's wearing tall rubber boots,... you can finish the joke yourself right here. Tally Ho,..off we go to Fairfax.
The Tavelocity Roaming Gnomes

The "Talent" portion of this year's Homecoming contest will be hight contested due to the high and rigerous levels of the contestant's talents.


"WHAT???" Blue Bare Bear prides herself on her abilities as an "Automechanic". See attachment.
Her spec....iality? Corvettes,...of course.
There is something to be said about Volunteer-ism. One ought to as often as possible give back from wence one came to those who came before or are likely to need once again. (What did he just say?) However, the caviar is this, or is it caviat; there may be times when volunteering may not be in one's best interests. CONSIDER: volunteering to be the mascot for the 'Boheemie Open' just to get some cheap publicity for the Homecoming Queen Contest. Maybe some schmoozing votes,..etc. Does the phrase: "THWWWWWWAAAAACCCCKKKKKKK!!!!" come to mind? "FFFOOOOOOOOORRRRRREEEEEE!!! Dumb Bear!
A sense of desperation, perhaps. A need to go over the top,..or in this case, going right to the top. Pulling out the stops. Calling in the markers. Asking for guidance. Begging, praying,...WHATEVER!! Blue Bare Bear lobbies at the highest levels for support, understanding, and,....last, but not least,....A SUGAR DADDY. or two. It is "Queens land or Bust". Oh, wait,..that is an Australian _expression.
Scandal and Disqualification??
Unfortunately,...Yes. Blue Bare Bear has been disqualified from the Reunion Homecoming Competition. How could this possibly be???...you ask? So did I. So I went to the oversight committee for strange and inanimate entries (OCSIE). (See attachment) As they explained it, Blue Bare Bear was disqualified for the following reasons:
1) She refused to show or prove that she was 58 years old and thus old enough to have lived in 1966.
2) She could not prove that she had ever attended, let alone graduated from Jefferson High School (Scandalous) in 1966.
3) She could not guarantee that she would be able to "Get Your/Her Kicks at Reunion 66
For those reasons, at a minimum,..she will be unable to continue.
Reached for comment, Blue Bare Bear stated that she thought the decision by the panel was, and I quote: "Mickey Mouse" The vote was 3 to 2.
So it seemed hopeless for Blue Bare Bear. No contest. No chance for blue and white glory. But wait. What of the Appeals Process. Go see the 'Easter Bunny' she was told. So she journeyed to the forest. The ever so enchanted (Old Cedar Rapids Tree Nursery) forest. But the Easter Bunny was off duty. "I only work once a year for one weekend" he said. "Sort of like 'Bohemie Light'" he continued. Only Mother Nature Bear can give you relief and perhaps an 'Honoraria'. "A what??" BBB asked. "You can be the "Honorary" Homecoming queen or even an attendant." Mother Nature Bear listened and agreed with the Easter Bunny. If you have enough gas in your car,..you can go back and perhaps they will invite you as a guest. And you can sit at the Registration Table and everything. COOL said BBB.
-The Easter Bunny
PS yah, like I have the authority, someone better check with Bill Sample
Having paid due Homage to the Easter Bunny, Blue Bare Bear and Jeffy J-Hawk head home. No ruby slippers, although their was a tornado yesterday that set everything back,...do not forget the Kolache Festival,..called Mother Nature Bear. On until Friday Morning and the Boheemie Open and to the Clarion and beyond. More golf, then the pig, and tours, and the brunch and then,......and then? We wait for 5 more years. Pooook.
Off to the Reunion
Do we have any more Candidates? Email me your nominations!
It is your civic duty to the class to vote! Vote early and often!


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