2016 - 50th Reunion


JHawk Class Memories

Lincoln Elementary

912 18th Avenue SW Cedar Rapids

History Lincoln Elementary

Lincoln School 1953 -1954

Miss Muth's Kindergarden Class

By the Tree: Teacher Miss Muth, Linda Arnold, Bill Lahman
Henry Orton (looking at the camera), Bill Pilicer (checked shirt), Kathy Heaverlo (dark hair no bow)

Lincoln School 1954 -1955

Mrs Thompson's 1st Grade Class

4th Row: Cheryl Swore, Pat Hagerman , Connie Yancy, Kathy Heaverlo, Linda Jackson, Bill Lahman
3rd Row: ???, George Powers, Eldon Rohlena, Frankie Diamond, Roger Richards, Mike Hagerman
2nd Row: Rod Grady, Sandy Vanourney, Donnie Schmidt, Terry Weimer, Ned Kohl, Gary Metelak
1st Row: Kathy Sharf, Linda Arnold, Barb Peterson, Fred Zerbee

Lincoln School 1955 -1956

Miss Effie Eveland's 2nd Grade Class

4th Row: Becky Roberts, Gar McCormick, Terry Weimer, Kathy Oliver, Marlene Reed, Denzel Hultgren, Teresa Murray
3rd Row: Kathy Heaverlo, Dave Cook, ???, ???, Sandy Vanourney, Roy Wright, ???
2nd Row: ???, ???, ???, Patty Vedder, Eldon Rohlena, ???, Ted Croy
1st Row: ???, Fred Zerbee, ???, Diane Stastny, ???, ???

Lincoln Elementary School

1960 6th Grade Graduation

4th Row: Dick Tomkins, David Smith, Gary Metalak, Cathy Pennington, Pat Veddar, Denzel Hultgren, Shirley Springman, Paula Hardesty, Marlene Reed, Terry Weimer, Eldon Rohlena, Marion Himes, Fred Zerbee, Bill Pilicer
3rd Row: David Waggoner, Cheryl Swore, Irene Hindman, Theresa Murray, Linda Jackson, Betty Harris, Nancy McMann, Karen Oswald, Linda Hines, Sandy Vanourney, Nicki Coover, Donnie Schmidt, ???, Mike Jirouch
2nd Row: Caron Thurston, Marilyn Conzett, Janet Pease, Kathy Oliver, Sandy Trachta Janis Goings, Diana Fields, Kathy Heaverlo, Linda Arnold, Kathy Sharf, Barb Peterson
1st Row: Richard Wheeler, George Gruenwald, David Cook, Donny Benson, Larry Guthrie, Roy Wright, Henry Orton, Quinn Novak, Greg Klees
1960 6th Grade Graduation Party
Donnie Schmidt, Terry Weimer, Quinn Novak, Mr. Harmon (music teacher), Linda Jackson, Mr. Weepee, Paula Hardesty, George Gruenwald
Roy Wright, Richard Wheeler, David Smith
Cathy Pennington (back), Shirley Springman, Sandy Vanourney,???, Marlene Reed (back w/ black belt) Janet Pease, Paula Hardesty (back), Nancy McMann
Paula Hardesty, Linda Jackson, Linda Arnold, (sitting), ??? (standing) in the background, Kathy Oliver & Greg Klees, Janet Pease & Fred Zerbee
Henry Orton, Linda Arnold , Caren Thurston, Janet Pease & Larry Guthrie, Cheryl Swore, ???, Cathy Sharf (Back w/black belt), Pat Vedder, Caron Thurston

Principle :


Miss Muth Kindergarden

Mrs Thompson's 1st Grade

Effie Evangelin Eveland 2nd Grade

Mr. Harmon (Music teacher)

Mr. Weepee

Students Attending Lincoln:

Linda Arnold

Donny Benson

David Cook

Nicki Coover

Marilyn Conzett

Frankie Diamond

Diana Fields

Janis Goings

Rodney Grady - k thru 3rd

George Gruenwald

Larry Guthrie

Linda Jackson

Pat Hagerman

Mike Hagerman

Paula Hardesty

Betty Harris

Kathy Heaverlo

Marion Himes

Irene Hindman

Linda Hines

Denzel Hultgren

Mike Jirouch

Greg Klees

Ned Kohl

Bill Lahman - K thru 2nd

Gar McCormick - 2nd

Nancy McMann

Gary Metalak

Theresa Murray

Quinn Novak

Kathy Oliver

Henry Orton

Karen Oswald

Janet Pease

Cathy Pennington

Barb Peterson

Bill Pilicer

George Power

Marlene Reed

Roger Richards

Becky Roberts

Eldon Rohlena

Donnie Schmidt

Kathy Sharf

Shirley Springman

David A. Smith

Diane Stastny - K thru 4th

Cheryl Swore

Dick Thomkins

Caron Thurston

Sandy Trachta - 4th thru 6th

Sandy Vanourney

Pat Veddar

David Waggoner

Terry Weimer

Richard Wheeler

Roy Wright

Connie Yancy

Fred Zerbee

1962 Sharon United Methodist Confirmation Class
Row 4: ???, Marlene Reed, David Waggoner, Richard Wheeler, ???, ???
Row 3: Pastor Washington, ???, ???, ???, David A. Smith, Bev Marsh, ???, Kathy Flynn, Linda Jackson, ???
Row 2: Denzel Hultgen, Barb Petterson, Vivian McLain, ???, Linda Fieriesen, ???, ???
Row 1: Fred Zerbee, Steve Vosaka, Sandy Trachta, ???, Linda Foster, ???, ???


The Barn