2016 - 50th Reunion

United States Military Medals Earned

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g g
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Silver Star Bronze Star

Purple Heartl

Defense Meritorious Service

Air Medal

Army Commendation Navy-Marine Commendation Air Force Commendation Army Achievment Navy-Marine Achievment Air Force Achievment Aerial Achievment
e e e e e e e e
e e e e e
Humanitarian Service

Army Reserve Achievment


Army Good Conduct

Marine Good Conduct

Navy Good Conduct

Air Force Good Conduct

National Defense

Armed Forces Expeditionary

Vietnam Service

Meritorious Service

Armed Forces Service

Combat Readiness

Armed Forces Reserve

Foreign Counrty Medals Earned

f f

Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross

Republic of Vietnam Campaign


111 J-Hawk Men & Women Veterans Earned 397 Total Medals - 28 different Medals

These are just the ones we know about, many more have been earned and will remain known only to those that served!

"The thing that sets America Christians apart from all other people in the world, is he will die on his feet before he will live on his knees."

George Washington - 1777

The following classmates have served our military. We honor them for their sacrifices for the freedoms we enjoy. May each of you know you are carried deep in our hearts for your service to our country. We will never forget them.

If you have served and are NOT listed Please let us know and you will be added to this page. Please email or call us so we can add them to our class data base.

Email: WILLYMAN47@GMAIL.com or Call Bill Lahman 319-265-4246 or DeAnn Schriner 319-396-3939

16 USAF Vets - 24 Metals Earned

Roger D. Barnard , f f f f fE5, 1967-1972, Philippines, Okinawa, Japan
Harold Hellentall, g g g g g E5, 1967-1971
William D. Henderson Jr, d d E5, 1967-1971

Tim Kieper, n n E5, 1967-1971, Heavy Equipment Operator, Germany

Bob Kemp,   E5, 1968-1970

Francis C. Konecny Jr.     E4 1968-1972,

 E5 1972-1974, Signal Corp Radar Maint, Outstanding

Unit Award & Small Arms Expert ribbons

Wayne H. Kreutner, s s s s E5, 1967-1971 Electrician, Vietnam

Lynn R. Lawrence , c c E4, 1971-1975 Phy. Conditioning Instructor, Taiwan

Dennis Marks,  1967-1971

Andrew Meyers   E4 1968-1972 Communications, Taiwan, Thialand

Marvin D. Schroeder, c cO6, 1966-1995,

Retired - U.S.A.F. Academy

Michael Sebastian, v v v v v E5, 1966-1970 Electrician, Vietnam

J. Dwayne Sparks, c c E3, 1966-1970

Ted Smith,   E5, 1966-1970, Food Services, Havre, Mt.

Theron E. Weimer, ssO6, 1970-1995, Retired - U.S.A.F. Academy, Flight Screening Commander

63 Army Vets - 216 Metals Earned


Barry A. Adams  c E5

1968-1970, Airbourne, Vietnam ,

RVN Presidential Unit Citation,

Congressional Unit Citation


jjp p p p p p p p p p

Guy C. Arnold e E4

Corps of Engineers, Vietnam

s c d

Terry Ashley


Terry L. Aubrecht, s c

C. Tim Brandon, s c d d s E5, 1966-1968, Classified Currier

Gary Bowen, s cd e E7, 1968-1970 Vietnam

Linda A. Cerveny Palmer,s c s E5, 1974-1978, Medical Corps

M. William Coppock s c d d s E5, 1971-1972, MP, Vietnam

Mark Cornish, s c d f E4, 1966-1968, Infantry, Vietnam

Terry L. Edler, s c d f d E4, 1966-1988, Retired -22 years

Vietnam (2), Helicopter Mechanic

Gary D. Egger, s s c d f d E4, 1969-1972, Infantry, Vietnam

Richard A. Fultzs c

Allen Fredricks s c d f s E4, 1967-1969, Infantry, Vietnam

Michael Gallagher, s c1970-1972

Steven F.Gensicke,s c O3, 1970-1985, Infantry, Army Reserve

S. Emmett Gilmore, s c s E4, 1966-1971, Germany

Larry Gutherie, s c d f  d E4, 1967-1968, Vietnam

Allen R. Hach, w s s E6, 1968-1974, E7, Helicopter Crew Chief, 1986-1999, Army National Guard, Retired 20 years

Larry L. Hanson,s c d f 1967-1971, Vietnam

Chuck Haylock, s c d f E4, 1969-1972, Vietnam

Gary L. Hepkers c d f d E4, 1969-1972, Vietnam

Dwight E. Hughes Jr.,  s d s E5, 1971-1973, Infantry Field Leader

Randy G. Jones, s c d f s E4, 1968-1970 Air Bourne, Vietnam

Richard A. Karr,s c d f 1967-1968, Vietnam

Jon R. Kime,s c d f d E5, 1969-1971 Cryptographer, Vietnam

David Kinney, s c d f  s E5, 1966-1972, Vietnam, Army

Marvin H. Klahn Jr., s c s E4, 1970-1972 Intake

Greg Klees, s c d f E7, Navy 1967-1970, Army Reserves 1986-1989, Army National Guard 1990-2004, Vietnam, Iraq 2004, Retired

Lavern Klimes, s c 1966-1966, E1, Died in Basic Training

Marvun Klahn, 1971-1973

Francis C. Konecny Jr.  s s c c  E4 1968-1972,

Radar Maint, Outstanding Unit Award , & Small Arms

Expert ribbons  E5 1972-1974 Signal Corp

Fred G. Koontzs c d f a E5, 1966-1969 Vietnam

Theodore J. Knutson, s s E4, 1970-1972 Germany

Randall C. Kuenzi, s s E4, 1971-1973, Finance Corp, Alaska

Nancy Kurth Stahle,s cNurse

William E. Law  s c d Vietnam

Terry Marks, s s c c a Vietnam

Michael F. Mead, s s E4, 1968-1970, Cook

Edward McDonough, s c c f1967-1969 Vietnam

Larry Miller, d s 1971-1977, Army Reserve

Sam Miller,  c s O5, 1970-1990, Retied Army Reser

Larry O. Newman, s c  c f E5, 1969-1970, personnel, Vietnam

Keith A. Nye, s a E5, 1970-1972, Signal Corps, South Korea

Henry W. Orton ,  s c c f s E4, Vietnam

Micheal A. Pappas, s c  c f 1966-1968, Vietnam

Doug Patton, s c c f 1968-1970, Vietnam

William Pfeffer, s O2, 1970-1971, Army National Guard

Blaine Phillips, s w E4, 1969-1972, Medic

Steven Qualle, s c cf 1968-1971, Vietnam

Virgil A. Rawson, s E4, 1968-1970, Personnel

Larry L. Ruhd, s c ff wE4, Vietnam

David A. Sheldon s s c c c f 1967-1970, Vietnam - 2 tours

Micheal St. Germain, s s s s s c

E4, 1965-1968, Sonar,

O4, 1978-1993, Retired, Green Beret, Vietman,

Dennis Schmitz, s c f f 1967-1969, Vietnam

James Schultz, s 10 years, Illinois National Guard

Joel F. Schumacher s c 1968 to 1970, Germany

Gary Seger, s c c f 1966-1970, Vietnam

Craig Struve, s q E4, 1970 - 1971, Signal Corps,

Colorado National Guard

Donald R. Taylor, s c  c f a E4, 1968-1970, Infantry, Vietnam

John Vanous, s c f E4, 1966-1968, Vietnam

Thomas W. Watson,,   d s s c d f

E6, Special Ops, Green Beret

Richard A.Wheeler, s c Vietnam


13 Marine Vets - 66 Metals Earned





Jerry D. Bascom - E5, 1967-1989, Vietnam, Retired -22years

Galen F. Buscher,

E4, 1966-1970,

Engineering Battalion, Vietnam

Coleen A. Fowler Kint,

 E2 1966

dMaxwell A. Freymuller

E4, 1968-1970,

1st Marine Division, Vietnam,

Combat Action Ribbon,

Presidential Unit Citation

Randy L. Hale,

 E2, 1968-1968

David Mains,

 E4, 1966-1967,

 E6, 1971- 1979, Army National Guard,

Radio Operator, Vietnam, Retired

Presidential unit citation, Combat Action

Ribbon, (2) Bronze Campaign Stars,

Terrel L. Randall ,

E2, 1967-1968, Infantry,

Killed In Action - March 4, 1968 The Wall

John K. Schriner,

E5, 1966-1970,

Electrician, Vietnam

Donald L. Sebetka

 , E5, 1968-1972,


Ronald L. Sebetka,

E4, 1966-1969,

Jet Mechanic, Vietnam

Steven F. Stastny,

E4, 1967-1971,

Jet Mechanic, Vietnam

Russell L. Taylor,

 E4, 1966-1970,

Jet Mechanic, Vietnam

Lawrence E. Yancey,

E3, 1966-1969,

Mechanic, Vietnam


21 Navy Vets - 81 Metals Earned





Thomas P. Carney, E4, 1967-1970,

Electrician, Vietnam

David G. Cook, 1966-1970, Vietnam

Phil Detlefsen, E5, 1968-1974,

Sonar Tech & Underwater Weapons Systems,

Combat Action Ribbon, Navy Unit

Commendation Ribbon, 4 Bronze

campaign Stars, Vietnam

Terry A. Diehl, E4, 1969-1971, Vietnam

Robert R. Elliott        E4, 1965-1967,


David E. Fauerby, E6, 1971-1977,

Reactor Operator Technician

David G. Gerleman,  E5, 1967-1970,

Gun Fire Control

Mark Jackson, E4, 1966-1970, Vietnam

Frank V. King Jr.,  E3, 1967-1968

Communications Technician Maintenance

Robert Little, E4, 1966-1970, Vietnam

Donald H. McHale, E5, 1967-1975,

Iceland, Guam

Edward J. Nortmann , E5,

1967 to 1994 ,Chief Corpsman , Vietnam - Retired

Quinn C. Novak , E5, 1967-1971,


Charles Potter, E5, 1967-1975, Vietnam,

1971-1973, Ships Serviceman, Navy Reserve

Rodney W. Rainbolt E4, 1967-1970,

Hospital Corpsman, Vietnam

Craig G. Shaver, E4,1970-1971, Vietnam

Ed Sebastian, 1966-1970, Vietnam

Jack D. Sovia, E3, 1967-1970, Guam

Micheal St. Germain,

E4, 1965-1968, Sonar, O4, 1978-1993,

Green Beret, Vietman, Retired

Ronald D. Utley

Glenn A. Williams, E3, 1968-1972, Radioman

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