2006 - 40th Reunion

June 9, 10, & 11, 2006

Thomas Wolfe said "You can't go home again!"

The Class of 1966 came home last weekend and it was wonderful!

Thomas Wolfe wasn't a JHAWK!

Pictures from the Weekend


The Reunion Weekend Thank You's
The Cake
The Barn
The Dance

To My Committee.......

Thank you so very much for giving me the honor to lead such a wondrous group of people! It was an honor to serve each of you and our class. Your dedication, energy, ideas, and selflessness are truly amazing. Your gift to us all is your respect, friendship, love and for those things I am eternally grateful.

You accepted my challenge to think outside the box and you did it in SPADES! You listened to this old fart even when you were quiet sure I was nuts and for that I thank you for your trust.

Each of you, like the Class of 66 are very special people. And that is the very reason this class has a chemistry that very few have to share. We have seen and achieved a lot over the years, but I think it is our friendship, love and respect we hold for each other that is our hallmark.

On our web page that celebrates "THE GAME", I pointed out that team set the Gold Standard for football in Eastern Iowa. Be it said here and now, THIS COMMITTEE HAS SET THE GOLD STANDARD FOR REUNIONS FOR ALL TIME!


Respectfully ......... 40th Class Reunion Chairman, Bill Lahman

What a very special friends we have in Dwight and Debby Hughes! They provided our class with THE BEST FACILITY in EASTERN IOWA for our class reunion!!!!!!!! Thank You, Thank you, Thank You!!!!! Your graciousness to host this special event will be with us for the rest of our lives. Your gift to each of us was priceless. The Class of 66 is grateful to the two of you for everything. The countless hours you both put in behind the scenes, Your wonderful friendship and never ending Smiles. WE are truly Blessed to be Friends with you.

A Million Thank You's! The Class of 1966

Thank You Class!!

A year ago May, thirty-four classmates squeezed into the back room at Leonardo's Pizza to begin planning this years reunion. Most of us had never worked on the reunion before, but we wanted to see if we could bring new ideas, and new energy to the class. The first night was mostly getting reacquainted with each other and putting a face to some old names.

We didn't have a penny in the bank, not very much in the way of class data, but what we did have was a group of very enthusiastic class members. And a dream to give our class a special gift for our 40th Class reunion. That May night the old JHawk spirit of the class of 66 dusted itself off and began a very very memorable journey together.

We had a simple idea, to come together for the weekend, reunite and spend time with our lifelong friends. To make the entire weekend FUN, INEXPENSIVE and MEMEROBLE.


Saturday Night June 10, 2006 40 years melted away for a few hours we all became kids again.



I'd Like to put a note out there stating that the caterers were Connies Catering, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 396-4347 for the potato salad and coleslaw.

The baked beans and roasted hog came from Brighton Locker, Brighton, Iowa 319-694-2795. We had alot of people ask us who catered the food and wanted the phone numbers.

Kathy Sharf Rickertsen

Class Responses:

Just wanted to say thanks again. I wandered around later in the evening trying to make my way out the door - said thanks to as many as I could looking for you. Looks like we were both circulating. Sorry I missed you. Anyway, thanks again - when's the next one?

Dick Miller

Thanks again for your tireless work organizing and supervising a very successful reunion. I think your web site was instrumental in getting our classmates excited about our fortieth reunion. Did you get a final tally on the attendees?

There were a number of classmates I have not seen in twenty, thirty, even forty years. I know I hadn't’t seen George Newton since a few years after we graduated, and I went to grade school with him! I even got to know a couple people I never really knew in high school.

Joyce and I gave a special thanks to Dwight for hosting the event last night. What a wonderful facility for a social event. Thank you for giving us a special reunion. Take care,
David & Joyce Gertelman

A quick note today to Thank You Very much for all of the hard work and time you put in on the reunion to make it the great success that it was. I sincerely appreciate your leadership on this project and look forward to staying in contact with you in the coming years. I know I speak for all of us when I say we couldn't have gotten it done without you and your dedication. Get some rest and have some fun of your own the rest of the summer. I will be in touch. Dave & Rita Smith

Wow! What a tremendous reunion! All of your , great brainstorming, hard work and generosity of time and spirit certainly paid off. Thank you so, so much.

Another special thanks to the Hughes for their more than generous hospitality. What a gift to the JHawk community of '66. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Pat and Theresa Driscoll

Great party! Thanks for all your efforts. Thanks!!! Leni Stastny

Great job on the reunion--I think it all went really well. When I left at 10:00, everything seemed to be going well. Thanks for your help, will talk to you soon. Sincerely yours,

Lynn Lawrence

Awesome is the only word to describe the wonderful fun I had at the reunion , great job big guy. .....Again Bill you and your committee are to be commended for this effort , I'm sure there are few reunions that could even compare! TY, Randy Jones

I'm not rested up quite yet either. It was like everyone said------THE BEST reunion yet!
Thanks for all your hard work,along with the rest---especially Bill.
Send me an email now & then. Yes, see ya at HyVee :) Thanks for continuing all your hard work. I received my pics in the mail this morning. I'm still thinking about all the fun we had at the reunion & hoping the next 5 years will fly by so we can get together again!
Thanks, Roz (Dona Rosdail Schultes)

I have only heard the best of comments about the reunion; I am only sorry that I was not able to attend. Next one I will hopefully be able to attend. I want to personally thank you and your entire group of committee members (Please pass this on to them) for their months of hard work and dedication to this reunion. The information gathered (names, addresses, emails, pictures, you name it are absolutely priceless. I anxiously await the tape of the reunion. I truly cannot find enough words for all you and your committees have done. Thank you doesn't seem enough, but it will have to do.

When the next reunion comes around I can only hope that all of you, who can, will continue this great work and please contact me to help this next time. Again, God Bless you ALL.... take care and have a wonderful summer. Gratefully, Lynette (Baker) Lubbock

Just sending you a quick note to let you know what a great job you did putting together
the reunion! Wish I could have been there to enjoy as well, but circumstances did not
allow. I have just reviewed the pics on the web site - what a super event. You put so much
good energy and time into organization of this special occasion. I
wanted to say THANK-YOU from my heart. Renee Cortez Cheal

I couldn't find you when I departed the Clarion on Sunday morning to say goodbye.

Thank you so much for all of your efforts in making this weekend the best reunion we have ever had. I know you mentioned you had a lot of help, however, you were the driving force that made certain, each and every day leading up to the event, that everything went according to plan.

Everyone I talked with agreed that your efforts made our reunion a success and you are to be congratulated.

Also, your web page is fantastic and I hope that you will continue to update and add to it so that we can visit there to find new information and find out what you and others are up to. It is a great way to stay connected to everyone in our class.

I look forward to seeing you again next time. Please stay in touch.
Thanks, again, for everything. Best Regards, Chuck Reich

I thought you would love how well your web site went over in Australia. It is widely talked about. Great Job!!!!! Sorry I was out of town for the Reunion, I know I missed a really good time. Kathleen "Wieneke" Baburek

Dear Kathy

Did you ever get enthused enough to attend the Reunion? I though the website was fascinating. One of the latest photos that was dug up from someone's attic was my Harrison Class of 1959 or 1960. Everyone is dressed very conservatively but dear ole' Wendy is sitting in the middle
of the front row with a rather large cheque pattern dress with two rows of white rick-rack down each sleeve and around the bottom, a white peter pan collar and white cuffs. (Obviously lovingly hand made by my dear mother.) The photo is black and white so I have no idea what colour it was. I certainly stood out from the crowd. If you want to have a look you have to click on the Red "Roosevelt" square and then on the Harrison Class of 59 spot. One of the girls at one of the other sites has been fascinated by the Reunion website and enjoys having a chuckle at the old
photos. When I told her about this latest photo, she checked it out and rang me, we were both laughing so hard we had tears running down our faces. Her off-sider in the office called out that the dress would have made a nice table cloth. I must say I had to agree!

Some of my Australian friends are very jealous of the effort that has gone into the website and the planning of the reunion. It's not something that you see happening here.

Better go for now, the boss is away at the other site tomorrow so I may continue babbling if I get time.Love, Wendy Shafer Allen East Maitland, Austrailia

It was really great to see you as well as everyone else this past weekend. As I mentioned on the phone, I have moved to another address and wanted to give you that information.

Thanks for everything. You and the committee did an amazing job and everyone there had the time of their life.
Thanks, Jackie Sacre Krousie

You deserve a BIG THANKS also for putting together that great website. Thanks,

Linda Mahring Koehler

I wanted to thank you personally for all of your excellent hard work and dedication to our reunion. I attended Friday evening and had A GREAT TIME! I had an unexpected commitment for Saturday night and I'm sorry I couldn't have been two places at once.

You put your heart and soul into it...and it showed.
Many Thanks, Shirley Thys

I agree. The website is great. Nancy Vane Hanson

Thanks, Pal! Hat’s off to you. Mike Pruett

Just wanted to say I had alot of fun Friday and Sat. night. Everyone on the committee did a great job. Thank you Bill for always keeping us informed, you did a wonderful job.
Thanks again to everyone for all the hard work. It was great seeing all our class mates again.
Diana Anderson Michalic

Thanks to you and all the terrific staff that pulled this off. You did a terrific job and enjoyed every minute. A special thanks to Dwight for the awesome facility he made available to us.Thanks, Judy Hardy Orton

I want to thank you for your efforts with the Reunion this past year. I told Birkicht that I was already looking forward to the next one. I know that's a little premature, but I guess it's never too early to start "thinking" about it. For now just enjoy the peace and quiet of it being over. Thanks, Tom Blevins

Thank you to all of you who made this reunion what it was,especially Bill & Dwight & your families for your hard work & graciousness. Thanks again, Scott Bascom

Thank You for a wonderful 40th reunion it was great. I really enjoyed myself it was a wonderful dance and the food was great! I so enjoyed the horses and your clean barn. All was so nice. Thanks again, Linda Bohr Jackson

Jon and I would also like to thank all of you - what an amazing 3 day event you were able to coordinate! We had a GREAT time! Thank you! Pat Madison Meskimen

Thank you so much to the entire committee for an outstanding reunion. It was beyond everyone's expectations. And a special thanks to the Hughes family for being wonderful hosts. Thank You! Nancy Clark Sandstrom

What a weekend!!!! Haven't had an event filled three days like that for quite awhile. Congratulations on a job well done to you and the committee sure had a lot of fun. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks, Steve Stastny

The reunion was wonderful; you and the rest of the committee did the most amazing job! I can't believe that anyone has been to a better get together. It was "us" - the Class of '66 (at least as I remember us): laid back, fun loving, not into fancy clothes or ballrooms, making our own fun without spending a ton of money. Sometimes I worry about today's kids - they seem to need so much to be entertained. We were happy with a barn or gym, Coke and popcorn, and music. Or a tent at McBride with hot dogs over a camp fire. Jeans were the dress of the day when out of school (remember the dress code?). And while there was certainly a 'popular' group and the jocks and the brains and all that, everyone sort of shifted from group to group. I think we grew up at the right time. And last week-end reminded me of that fact - you're only as old as you feel, right? Thank you again!

Cindy Main Sheely

What an amazing gathering you catapulted into a great success. I'm sorry I didn't have an opportunity to visit with you Saturday evening. Thank you for all your wonderful shared energy. Thank You! Pat Vedder

Thanks again for all your work coordinating such a remarkable event. I can't imagine how it could have been done better. Take care, Mike Kohler

I was not able to attend the reunion, but have so enjoyed all the emails and hearing about former friends. I am very grateful to Bill and the whole committee for all their very hard and dedicated work to make the reunion a success. Because I could not attend.

Gail Burger Gallagher

Thank you, my wife, Lin and I had a wonderful time at the event held on Saturday evening at the Farm. Thank you all for all your hard work and a very nice 40th reunion. Thanks, Gary Seger

I am at the Cyber Cafe on Isle Verde in San Juan where I pick up my personal e-mails. I again want to thank you and the entire committee for having a positive effect on many people's life's.

When we leave this world we will be judged by what we have done for others not for what we have done for ourselves. PLEASE pass my thanks on to all committee and classmates. Please also keep in touch as I do not plan to be a "Cheeseburger in Paradise" the rest of my life . Thanks! George Newton

We join many folks from the 1966 class in thanking all those who made the 1966 Jefferson reunion a great time. For those of us who have not been back to see our junior high or Jefferson for many years the tours were a great idea. Candy and Tom Prochaska

I really regret not making plans to attend the 40th reunion. You and your staff must have made a tremendous commitment. I have thoroughly enjoyed the pictures of friends from days gone by. Even heard from Randy Jones who I hung out with 49 years ago. You certainly deserve some props for your efforts. Bill Yost

Thanks .... We had a great time! Thanks . Toni Dingle Ague

You are doing an outstanding job!!! Kris Vittengl Di Giovanni

Just want to thank you also for the terrific website. It looks like everyone had a terrific time. I’m having a ball checking out the old photos against the new ones. There are a couple of people that don’t seem to have changed at all! I am sharing them with my workmates and they are amazed at the work that has gone into, not only the website, but the reunion itself. The graduating classes here are never as big as a school like Jefferson and there doesn’t seem to be the same urge to get together and hash out old times. I never won that lotto prize to get myself on a plane but am really enjoying sitting back here and looking at the photos. I have asked my sister to contact you to see if she can send money for the CD so I can have a copy when it is finished. She can easily mail it over to me in one of her “care” packages.

I really liked the photo from my class at Roosevelt in 1959/60 with the dorky girl in the front row with the very LOUD checked dress with the rows of rick-rack down the sleeves. My mother lovingly made it no doubt. I would love to know what colour it was.

Better go and get some work done, that’s why they are paying me I suppose.

Keep up the good work, I’m getting a good chuckle and goodness knows we can use it at our age.
Cheers, Wendy Shafer Allen

Just wanted to let you know how great the reunion was. You and the committee did a fantastic job!! It was wonderful that the Hughes let us use their farm! Such a perfect spot for getting together with old friends. I was delighted that you arranged for Lynne Nelson to be there. Hadn't seen her for so long. The photos that you have posted are terrific!

Thanks for all your hard work! Sandy Graham Wills

First of all I want to say "thanks" for all your effort. Thanks again, Cindy Koranda Salat

Thanks for all you did. Outstanding website. A much deserved well done! Thank You, .

Phil Detlefsen

I just want you and the reunion committee to know that I have enjoyed visiting your website, even though I could not attend the reunion. I especially enjoyed the photos that you have posted. It appears that y'all had a wonderful time! Many thanks--and best wishes!

Mari and Terry Ley
739 Wild Ginger Lane
Auburn, AL 36830-6049

I was sorry that I wasn't able to attend this years 40th class reunion. I understand that it was a huge success and that everyone had a great time. It was my husband's 35th class reunion and we attended his instead of mine. I hope to make it to the next one. I had hoped that I could add my picture of my husband and I onto the website. Regards,

Barb Henecke Steggall

Hello again. First I have to thank you again and again for these incredible pictures. I check them every day to see what has been added and every one brings back marvelous memories ranging from long ago to this reunion. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Have a great one. .Vicki Filson Filling

Thank you and the committee for a wonderful reunion. I am still telling my friends about it. It was so well organized and the web site was great and a way to keep connected with what was happening. Thank You. Sandy Haerther Siepman

It was good to see you and I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to you more it seems you have had your share of troubles too, and I just wanted to comment on your phrase "do not look into your own soul, unless you are willing to confront that which you find there". If we do not confront it and fix the problems and learn from it, we are doomed to have to live the next time around with the same situations. until we can face them and move forward we are stuck. I do believe we are all on a path and have obstacles to overcome to continue on. thanks for all you and the committee have done. Take Care and God Bless, Mike Sexton

What an amazing site. . . I should start by identifying myself. I grad in '67 and attended many, many of your reunions when I was married to Don Taylor. I was always entertained by '66 reunions--indeed they were much more enjoyable, well organized and entertaining than any single one of mine!! Always impressed by how close and fun your class is. . .and, yes, jealous that I didn't come to this event :) I might also add VERY UPSET that some good friends came to this one when they never came to the ones I attended :)

Kudos on your site! It almost makes me anxious to see if we will have a reunion next year. Thanks from one of many appreciative former J-Hawks. I'm sharing w/everyone I can think of. Jill Jelinek Taylor

I can't tell you how great the job of the reunion was ! You did a spectacular job, even my son mentioned what a great crowd there was when he came by to pick me up. I had a wonderful time, despite worrying that I would be the worst wall flower in the room... Hope you're well, and getting some rest from our reunion blow-out. My best. Pam Koepping Nye

What a tremendous job you and all of the committee did on the reunion!! Everything was wonderful and even though the weather was weird, and the golf tournament got cancelled, my husband met some great guys at the Bonhomie Open and had an even better time than I did I think!! We can't thank all of you enough for all of your hard work. And your work on the website is incredible. I have enjoyed it so much and also passes it alone to my two sisters-Linda and Kris-Jeff grad as well ('64 & '67) and they have enjoyed it too.

Since we made a vacation out of the trip and spent a week with my folks in Marion, I have not had access to a computer for over a week-and boy did I miss the emails and checking the website. I went off and forgot to pack my yearbook, so the name tags with pictures helped-but we did not make the Friday night mini-and I could not visit with enough people on Sat to night to get caught up-so the website and pictures are great. He even played again with Al, Larry and Ed on Wed. They were great to him and he really enjoyed meeting them and hope they come visit us down here in (warm) Mississippi!!

Now you can relax for a couple of years!! HA. Thanks again for all of your hard work ........ Carol Schrage Salers

Thank you so much for inviting us to the Reunion 66 hog roast. We had a wonderful time renewing old acquaintances - many of whom we haven't seen in years.

Your committee certainly did a fabulous job with the events for the whole weekend. And your web site was incredible. You must take pride in the huge turnout your work produced.

I hope everyone appreciates all the work you did.
Thanks again for a great time .

Bob and Alo Geuder

It was such a wonderful thing you have done for our class. I have enjoyed being able to see the pictures of all the "kids" who attended the reunion. I couldn't be there because of my husband's health problems but I really enjoyed seeing everyone. I know how much time websites take to keep up. Thank you for all your efforts. It was great talking to you as well.

Cathy (Harper) Williamson

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to attend the reunion, but I have enjoyed seeing the pictures. It looks like everyone had a good time. I'm looking forward to the DVD. Also, on the 1961 Roosevelt wrestling team photo, I'm standing between Dennis Fillingsworth and Gar McCormick in the back row. I think that I quit the team after that year. Thanks again for sending the Emails with the photos. Tom Hankins

You should run for President. Quinn Novak

Looks like you had a great time. Some people look pretty much the same and some don't. My husband of 26.5 years is still a blond. Of course he's only 51, so it will probably catch up with him yet. Maybe it's just that attorney's don't age? We went to a seminar in Denver together so missed the event. Bill you did a great job!!!

We grew up in a happy period of history. Don't think I'd recognize most of these people, but interesting how some are much the same. Take care and Thank You.

Rhonda Simoens Weintz

THANK YOU for all the pictures, Bill. I am so sorry I missed this wonderful reunion .. it certainly looks like everyone had a great time . THANK YOU .

Carol Donisthorpe Glaser

You have done such a fantastic job. I wish I could have gone to the re-union, but it is so great to see the pictures of those who made it. I know many, many people worked on this project, but I just wanted to thank you for keeping me posted. I'm so impressed with the organization and dedication to this event...and the follow up. On behalf of those who couldn't make it, thank you so much. Thank you! . Phil York

The pictures are awesome. I'm soooo upset that I was unable to attend. I left work early the Friday before (sick) I was in bed the entire weekend. It looks like you guys did a great job putting the reunion together. Thanks for all your hard work, you can tell by all the smiles that it was well worth it. I hope to see everyone at the next reunion . Thanks for all your hard work. Ro (Rosie Schultz) McCullough

I'm spending a month with my dad and sister and family in Greenville, SC. Looks as if I missed lots of fun! I appreciate all the work that went into the web site and reunion.

Janice Detwiler Kimball

MR BILL you did a great job! Linda Barnes Brunson

The WEB site is great, three cheers to Bill. Harlan Bean

Awesome job! Linda Arnold Koss

Just wanted to say the web site is getting better by the day. I enjoy visiting and reading all the thank-you' and seeing all the smiling faces. It will keep the spirit of the next reunion in everyone's mind. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to make this such a special time for so many J-Hawks. Theresa Ann Skogland Trimble

Fantastic job on the web site and everything else along with a great committee the food was fantastic. The Hughes, ........what can you say but awesome hosts! May God keep us all for many more and keep us strong in our faith. I had a blast and looking forward to the next one. Fred Koontz

I want to thank you for all of the updates. The photos are great. Thanks Again.

Linda Kane Warner

What great tribute to our class,.....not only to your organization, but to everyone who attended. I don't think ANYONE went away without new memories, let alone all the old ones. I met new "old" friends whom I truly enjoyed, not to mention my "good old friends", whom I still keep in touch with. Thank you again for the time and effort you put into this reunion. A SPECIAL THANKS TO THE HUGHES FAMILY FOR LETTING THIS HAPPEN!! It couldn't have been at a better place!!! Pat (Kelly) Heinrich

What more can I say that hasn't already been said but thanks, a thousand times, thanks. The job that you and your committees did and the job that you continue to do on the web site far exceeds OUTSTANDING. Mere words can not express all of our sincere gratitude to everyone involved and to Dwight and Debby Hughes for the use of their beautiful facilities. And thanks to everyone who showed up because, if not for that, the reunion would not have been what it was. I can only hope that the 45th will be even bigger and better. Rod Rainbolt

I went with Karen Dillon and Kay Dytrt. Hadn’t seen Karen for at least 39 years and Kay for 31 and we used to all be good friends. They got a hold of me the week of:} Ran into a lot of class members I didn’t recognize and even Pat Hernandez. I asked her if she remembered piercing my ears and she did:} (ouch) Yes, I have been on the website and its so great. What a lot of work and dedication. My hats off to you and all who put in many hard hours of preparation. I work with Mr. Allen’s (American History teacher at Jeff) daughter and was filling her in. She’s quite a bit younger than us but said her class does little to nothing for their reunions and also said her dad was at ours and really enjoyed it!

Hey- can you believe that 6th grade Cleveland picture! That’s how I remember everyone.
Take care and thx again.
Chris Tina Knoebel Otero

Thanks so much for forwarding the pic! I can't tell you enough how grateful I am to you and your committee for putting this all together. You have done such an extraordinary amount of work with information, pictures, e-mails..... it's incredible!

Through a series of strokes a few years ago, I have lost some portion of my memory, and the reunion was timed just right for me to try to re-kindle some of the high school portions lost.

But then, I was unable to attend the Saturday night portion of the reunion - my heart condition flares up 2-3 times a week and I'm pretty well confined to bed
when it does. I was hoping to get through the whole weekend without the flare up - but, I didn't. However, through your pictures and great communication, I almost feel like I was there! Again, I truly appreciate everything you have done! It has meant a lot to me.
Christy Johnson Shaffer

THANKS! You and the committee did a fantastic job. Deanna and I had a great time, at a great place (Dwight's). The only problem was recognizing everyone! Everyone has really changed since the 20 year reunion, except me of course. Thanks Again! Mike Riley

I returned to Phoenix from the reunion and told everyone how wonderful and fun it was. All your (and the committee) planning made for a successful event and turnout. The website is fabulous! We so appreciated Dwight's genuine hospitality.
Thanks for my new memories, Marilyn (Conzett) & Ron Knott

I suggest we take the money and use it to bribe Dwight into holding the 45th Reunion at this place again!!! The entire weekend was just wonderful - my thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it happen. I have really enjoyed all the emails. It has enabled me to reconnect with many friends from so many years ago. Thanks again. Pam Karasek Shipp
Outstanding job old chap. Sharon Burns Knutson
I wanted to thank you for the updates and pictures from the class reunion. I felt like I was there even though I was unable to attend. Good job! Gary Egger
Thank you so much for all of your work on the website, with the actual reunion, and now loading and identifying the pics. Please pass along my thanks to the Committee for a fantastic job. I had so much fun, and my husband really enjoyed watching all of the classmates reconnecting with each other! Denzel Hultgren Coberly
Please accept the delay in getting this much overdue "thank you" to you...but on behalf of my mother and myself, we wanted to thank you and the many great people that made the recent reunion such a success! I know that alot of time and effort went into making it the success that it was. For that, you all should be proud.

We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and you made our stay very comfortable. You really did not have to pay for the hotel room and brunch, but again, it was very much appreciated.

Thanks again Michael, and please pass on our "thanks" to all, for a job well done.

Regards, Jim Ewbank (Mrs Ewbanks Son) jimewbank@yahoo.com
Char Janda Nechenicky
Joyce & Dave Gertelman
Sandy Trachta Wierzbicki