2016 - 50th Reunion


Thomas Jefferson Class of 1966

Then & Now Pictures 1966 - 2012

Total Pictures 343 out of 551 Classmates = 62.3%

The Newest Now Picts December 30, 2011

Lynne Nelson Dake

Deceased 3/9/2010

Guy C. Arnold

Deceased 2/1/2009

Linda Alman Steggall
Karen Laughlin
Patricia Klemmer Hatton
Linda Perry Jardina

Donald L. Proska

Deceased 6/15/2009

Randy L. Wilkey
Bonnie Steggall Johnson

Emmitt Gilmore

Deceased 1/15/98

Mark L. Coppock

Deceased 8/26/09

Rex Allan Meek

Deceased 8/27/09

Roger LaBarge
Marvin Schroeder
Mike Hiles
Marilyn Markham Love
Connie Yancey Loftus
Sandy Redman Langton
William Pilicer
Wiliam Pfeffer
Lynda Cerveny Palmer
Glenn Williams
Jackie Urban Barber
Nancy Swanson Losenicky
Paul Boland
Beverly Hahn Morris
Tanna Rischer Caraballo

Rick Hora


Deberah Gibson

Roy A. Wright

Deceased Aug 17, 2011

David A. Sheldon

Deceased Dec 27, 2011

Connie Reding Culver

Deceased June 9th 2012


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