2016 - 50th Reunion


JHawk Class Memories
Cedar Rapids Wilson Junior High
1962 Wilson Mrs Eubanks & Mr Pink - Twilight Time Music Festival
1962 - Twilight Time Music Festival was an annual tradition lead by Mrs Eubanks the music and drama teacher. As you can see many many Wilson students participated in the production. This was the early seeds that grew into a strong music and drama tradition at Jefferson. Students such as Steve Vosatka, Jim Cada, Ken Frantz, Judy Jones, Betty Harris, Jane Pratt, Carol Roustio, Sue Boyd, Jeff Witt, Bill Coppock and many many others. Whether you participated or just listened It still warms your heart to remember the efforts of Mrs Eubanks and Mr Pink. They both left their mark on all of us.

2nd Row: ???, Tom Blevins, Steve Vosatka, ???, ??? Cecelia Oujiri, Denzel Hultgren, Rosemary Erusha, Jane Pratt, ???

1st Row: Jeff Witt, Warren Ask, Linda Hemminger, Theresa Schade, Vickie Filson, ???, Sharon Burns, Nancy Vane, Cheryl Martens,???,???, Cindy Koranda, ???, Kathy Farmer

Rosemary Eubanks at the piano

Native Village from Twilight Time

(Dancers) Judy Jones, Jackie Sacre, Terry Cumberlin, Beverly Marsh, Betty Harris

(Drums) Bob Rudd, John Sullivan, Bill Biederman, Layne McDowell

The Barn