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JHawk Class Memories
1963 9th Grade Class Day - Cedar Rapids Wilson Junior High

Pict #1: Wilson 9th Grade "W" day

Pict #2: Judy Erger, Peggy Hayden, Marilyn Conzett and Julie Meloan

Pict #3: Danny Steggal, Dave Smith, Larry Guthrie, Tom Blevins (music room)

Pict #4: Jane Pratt, Gary Metelak, Jim Joens, Cheryl Swore, Terry Weimer, Bev Marsh and Tom Blevins (hallway, heading to lunch)

Pict #5: Left- Rosemary Erusha, Denzel Hultgren, Gary Melelak, Eldon Rohlena, Terry Weimer Right- Tom Blevins, Janet Pease, Jeff Witt? (Mr. Blackledge's science class)

Pict #6: Bev Marsh, Kenny Hall, Terry Ashley, Cheryl Swore, Gloria O'Bannon, ??? (doing the "wibble wobble" in auditorium after lunch)

Pict #7: Janet Pease, Marilyn Conzett, Sandi Feiereisen (after school)

Pict #8: Judy Jones, Julie Meloan (after school, by the little store across the street)

Pict #9: Al Louvar, Steve Zobac (Mr. Cooling's math room)

Pict #10: ??, Peggy Hayden, Cheryl Swore, ?, Kathy Farmer (music class)

Pict #11: Janet Pease, Judy Erger (lunchroom)

Pict #12: Peggy Hayden, Julie Meloan, Marilyn Conzett (lunchroom)

This photo is in the basement of Asbury Methodist Church. Confirmation MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship) 00

4th Row: Kathy Smith, Carol Pratt, Jane Pratt, Mary Novak, Jim Green, Randy Montgomery, Sharon Riese

3rd Row: Tanna Rischer, Pam Pealer, Vicki Kane, Blaine Phillips, Barry Adams, Mary Bird

2nd Row: Judy Kriz, Bev Marsh, Sharon Burns, Tom Blevins, Barry Dunhaver, Pam Zitek

1st Row: Donna Montgomery, Jackie Sacre, Betty Hockenbury, Andrea Giesman, Sandy Feiereisen, Becky Roberts

Wilson Teachers
Mr. Cooling -- Math, Mr. Fischer -- Art ... Mr. Pink -- Drama and Art ... Mr. Bucheit -- Latin and English
Mr. Tracy -- Principal - Mr. Hembra -- Asst. Principal .. Mr. Blackledge -- Science ... Miss Janda --P.E.
Tom Blevins, Al Hach, Mr Buchheit, Gary Metelak........... May 1963 9th grade Graduation
Wilson Art Room

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